Smart Programs

Reaching your dreams is easier with Smart Auto Leasing. You have dreams, we have solutions. Because the Smart Auto Lease team is comprised of financial experts, we take the time to carefully assess your needs, your financial goals and where you see your needs evolving during the life of your loan or lease. We have organized and strengthened our services to support you at every stage of your car buying needs including:

  • Smart Pre-Approval
    Smart Auto Leasing makes applying for credit simple, safe, secure and fast.  Smart Auto Leasing has developed exclusive relationships with many of the largest banks throughout the US. Through these relationships Smart Auto Leasing is able to yield favorable rates and terms for our clients. Complete our online credit application to speedup the process for shopping and saving!
  • Smart Credit Re-Establishment Program
    For most, understanding the approval process for financing and leasing a new or used car is somewhat foreign territory. How does the bank determine the interest rate? Will I be required to put down a sizable down payment? Is my credit good enough? How do I improve my credit in order to get the best deal for the car I "really" want?

    By taking advantage of our exclusive Smart Auto Leasing Credit Re-Establishment Program, your Finance & Leasing Manager will find the best solution to minimize your upfront cost and interest rate. We will help you determine which program is best for you based on your requirements and financial situation. Click here to learn more or complete our online, no obligation credit re-establishment program application to get started!
  • Smart Test Drive
    The Smart Auto Leasing Virtual Test Drive is an innovative response to our ever evolving, fast paced environment, communications and technology. When you make the decision to purchase your next vehicle you don’t have to leave the confines of your home until you are ready to get behind the wheel and drive the cars of your choosing.
    Schedule your smart test drive by filling out our online form and we do all the rest. Your Smart Auto Financial Manager will do the research and analysis, find the right vehicle(s), build your quote and deliver up to three vehicles of your choosing to our Las Colinas office. You will be testing driving the car(s) of your choice within a couple of days, hassle free for less, ALL done without ever going to the Car Dealership.

  • Smart Virtual Appraisal
    Finding out what your vehicle is worth and getting a great offer has never been easier. The Smart Auto Leasing Virtual Appraisal process provides you with an appraisal tool to submit all of your vehicle's information directly to our Smart Team with a few clicks of your mouse. The process is simple, fast and hassle-free, click get started to find the SMARTEST move for your trade.

  • Smart Client Access
    Smart Client Access is your personal gateway to our exclusive online community to make navigating your loan or lease term as easy as a few clicks! Valuable features include specialized leasing tools, direct access to your very own SMART Client Liaison, the latest communications in the auto industry – recalls, offers, and more. Click here to learn more about Smart Client Access, your simple and secure resource to manage your account or explore new options.

Smart Options. Smart Pricing. Smart Decisions.
Give us a call today at 214-BE-SMART (237-6278) or contact us online.

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