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  Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Leasing


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Smart Commercial Lending is an industry leader that specializes in:
• Protecting Your Personal Credit from Business Debt
• Asset Acquisition
• Capitalization
• Tax Deductibility
• Disposal
• Fleet & Equipment Management Services
Our services are designed to help businesses with all commercial lending
needs to stay current with today’s ever-changing market and economy.
With more than 20 years of knowledge in commercial asset acquisition
and funding, we can guide your company in making all the right moves.


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 Asset Acquisition

Smart Commercial Lending facilitates business nationwide and has
established relationships in all fields regarding commercial needs.
• Heavy Equipment
• Trailers
• Light & Heavy duty trucks
• Recapitalize Current Assets
• Simple Process
      • Documents
      • Paying for the Item
      • Make necessary arrangements for immediate delivery of
your equipment
      • Handle all title transfers/UCC filings
      • Making sure all license and registration is completed in a
timely manner no matter the state
All of the above are managed by one individual and expert that specializes
in exactly what your company needs.

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Commercial Fleet Financing

Establishing & Managing Capital Lines of Credit

Smart Commercial Lending has developed programs that will be custom tailored to your company’s specific needs.
• Big Picture Approach
• Protecting Your Personal Credit from Commercial Related Debt
• Establish Necessary Lines of Credit
• Purchase
• Lease
• Immediate Funding
• Emailed Docs
• $500,000 Same Day Approval
We continue managing all internal & external sources to acquire lines of
credit when necessary to keep your business growing.

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commercial tax deduction

Tax Deductibility

With tax laws ever-changing, rely on an expert to capture every method to maximize your company’s deductions and unique tax benefits.
Rely on an expert for:
• Non- Capitalized Lease
• Capitalized Leases
• Operating Expense
• Depreciation
• Off Balance Sheet Financing
• On Balance Sheet Asset
Smart Commercial Lending will make contact and work with your tax
professional to manage Tax Benefits, P&L Reporting & Cash Flow.

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Disposal & Liquidation of Retired Assets

Smart Commercial Lending has the ability to dispose of assets your
company no longer need or are due for an upgrade.
• Assess Values
• Pick-Up
• Sell-Off
• Immediate Asset Proceed Funding
• No Cost Service to Your Company
These exclusive client benefits have proven to be Smart Commercial
Lending’s competitive advantage in today’s market.

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Our Goal
Your business has finally found a partner to give you peace of mind that
allows you to do what you do best: Operate & Grow Your Business.
• Speed
• Efficiency
• Communication
• Accountability
• Turn-Key Process & Management

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*You know your business…..
And we know how to capitalize the economic efficiency of your business!

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