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What is a Smart Test Drive and how does it work?

The Smart Auto Leasing Smart Test Drive is an innovative response to our ever evolving, fast paced environment, communications and technology. When you make the decision to purchase your next vehicle you don’t have to leave the confines of your home until you are ready to get behind the wheel and drive the cars of your choosing, ALL without ever having to go to the Car Dealership. Schedule your smart test drive by filling out our online form and we do all the rest. Your Smart Auto Financial Manager will do the research and analysis, find the right vehicle(s), build your quote and deliver up to three vehicles of your choosing to our Las Colinas office.  Read more at


Why choose Smart Auto Leasing?

Smart Auto Leasing offers a complete, “one-stop shop” for any and all of your automotive and finance related needs. Saving your TIME and MONEY is the #1 goal for Smart Auto Leasing. We do not "sell cars" for a living, we manage loans and leases day in & day out to give a new-found peace-of-mind when driving and buying cars. Smart's direct and exclusive affiliation to many of the industry’s top manufactures and brands allow you to save where it counts the most: The Monthly Payment!

Once the GET SMART QUOTE form is submitted, Smart consumers will enjoy the process from SMART-to-finish without ever having to go to a Car Dealership!


What factors determine the lease quote amount and how is it structured?

A lease quote is based upon the client's needs, financial situation and preferences. The lease quote can be structured so inception fees and sales tax are paid upfront, or incorporated into the monthly payments. The structure of the lease, which include the length of term and mileage allowance, are also taken into consideration. It is difficult for the average consumer to fit into a "cookie-cutter" - "one-size fits-all", type of lease deal. The Smart Auto Leasing team is constantly updating our software and technology to ensure we offer deals and service no one else in the industry can match.


Do I have to pay a down payment?

According to most advertised factory lease programs in the market: “Yes”, you do have to make a down payment according to the fine print, or the surprises that await you once you invest hours at a dealership. However, at Smart Auto Leasing we have the true $0 ZERO down payment program you’ve been looking for.

A common perception is that you must pay something upfront in order to get a good deal. That’s absolutely not true. Our criteria is simple: Unless a down payment program allows for a drastic change in the overall program (i.e. the bank's score ratings, interest rate, etc.), why not keep the cash in your pocket? We understand that your goal is the lowest monthly payment as well as the lowest down payment.

Ask about our SMART ZERO Down Payment Program to find out more.


Does Smart Auto Leasing only lease high-end luxury cars?

No, we can assist with any car make or model, new or used, lease or buy.


How long does the Leasing process usually take?

The car you have chosen can be in your possession within hours of submitting your inquire online. Smart Auto Leasing invests in the latest and greatest technologies to accommodate our society’s desire to save time and money when getting their next vehicle. Our clients are typically driving their new vehicle within the first 24 hours of completing the quick & easy Get Smart Quote form.


How  is a lease different to a purchase?

When you purchase a vehicle you pay 100% of the vehicles value over the term of the loan. This results in your payments being higher than they would be on a comparable term lease. When leasing a vehicle you pay only for the portion of the vehicle you use (the depreciation). Though people that drive less miles per year pay less than those who drive more miles, even higher mileage drivers will save money with lower monthly payments.

Once you’ve made the final payment on a purchase you own the vehicle outright.

Once you’ve made the final payment on a lease, you don’t own the vehicle, but you do have options. (Options include: purchasing the vehicle for the pre-determined residual value, trading or selling the vehicle, or turning the vehicle back into the bank.


How is a lease similar to a purchase?

The best loans and leases on the market are all based solely upon the individual’s credit score and credit profile.

You have the option to pay off or trade in both a purchase and leased vehicle at any time.

Your monthly payment goes down the longer your finance term is. Usually a 3 year term is less per month than a 2 year term, a  4 year term is less than a 3 year term, ect…

You don’t actually own anything until you have paid off the remaining balance on your purchase or lease. (Don’t believe me? Stop making your payments and see what happens…)

The amount of miles you drive affect how much you pay to drive your vehicle. A vehicle with higher mileage is worth less than the same vehicle with lower miles. Even when you purchase a vehicle and then trade it in, you still pay for the miles you drive in the trade in value of your vehicle.

A lease simply allows you to account for your specific needs for mileage. Whether you drive 5,000 miles per year or 50,000 Smart Auto Leasing has a Smart Plan for you.

Let us help you decide on the Smartest Finance option for you today!


Are there any fees for applying for a lease and submitting a Smart Quote Lease or Loan Request?

Not at all. Feel comfortable with our no obligation Get Smart Quote process to lease or buy when requesting a new vehicle quote from Smart Auto Leasing. Our Pre-Approval Application is fast and secure if you prefer a quicker turn-around time to driving your new car. Our site is secure and none of your personal information is shared with any third parties.


Will having financial issues and a low credit score prevent you from leasing a new car?

Though leasing is a preferred method of financing, a few bumps and bruises on your credit, or with your current financial situation, will certainly not prevent you from leasing a vehicle. If your credit has made it to a state that reestablishing your credit is the smartest option, then our exclusive Credit Re-Establishment Program may certainly be a benefit in your situation. This program is designed to help re-establish credit over a few short years so that you're able to get back to a position to transition to the lowest lease and finance rates and programs in the market.


Does warranty still apply if I get the car from you?

Absolutely! As a client of Smart Auto Leasing your warranty on any vehicle with remaining factory warranty will work exactly the same no matter where you choose to purchase or lease it. In addition, Smart Auto Leasing has several beneficial Smart Warranty options that can either extend beyond the factory coverage or provide protection to nearly all pre-owned vehicles.


Can Smart Auto Leasing build and factory-order my new vehicle?

Yes, by utilizing our extensive connections and affiliates, we can order any vehicle directly from the factory built to your exact specifications. Due to the factory building the vehicle to your exact specifications, ordering a vehicle can take several weeks and in some cases months, before the vehicle arrives.


What happens if I decide to terminate my lease early?

This situation is exactly what Smart Auto Leasing specializes in. With most leases available out in the marketplace, terminating or trading out of a leased vehicle early can become a very costly scenario. We show our clients how to avoiding being upside down, and also how to avoid costly hidden fees. Not only do the financial and automotive markets often change, so do the usage and needs for a vehicle with the majority of consumers. It’s not always clear what the Smart Choice is or how you should navigate through the decision. The good news is, you’ve found the company to finally eliminate the hassles and headaches of swapping from lease to lease or lease to purchase!


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