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"I had a terrific experience with Smart Auto Leasing getting my new Audi A5! Probably the most differentiating part of the experience was the professionalism and responsiveness - refreshing change to what I have grown to expect when buying new cars. It was hassle-free from start to finish and I ended up with a thoughtful solution to my long-term auto situation. Very impressed!”

~ Houston S.

My experience with Smart auto Leasing was amazing. The staff was 100% accommodating and so helpful. They were very thorough explaining everything and doing everything they could to help us get a car.” 

~ Britany H.

“The people at SMART Auto Leasing were phenomenal!  My new GMC Acadia was a great value, just what I wanted, and their service was over the top.  I had an oil leak that turned out to be just an oil pan, but warranty covered all the work and even provided a loaner car.  I wholeheartedly recommend them!” 

~ Don H.

“Wow! The simplest, straight-forward way to do business. Absolute easiest car transaction I’ve ever done.”

~ Jeff & Regina S.

“My guys at Smart Auto Leasing did an amazing job getting me out of a high mileage vehicle and into a brand new car! I wish I had worked with Smart Auto Leasing prior!!”

~ Kevin P.

“Smart Auto Leasing did a great job transitioning me out of my prior vehicle to upgrade me to another one without any out of pocket $$.. AND I even drive 25K miles per year!!”

~ Ron B.

 “After trying other leasing companies, I found that Smart Auto Leasing was able to meet my budget needs where the other leasing companies could not or would not. They were very friendly and willingly provided the highest level of service.” 

~ Frank E.

“Wonderful experience! Honest, quick and reassuring! Smart Auto Leasing was more than helpful and accomplished everything that met my needs! My agent was also available to answer all of my questions so that I was completely comfortable with my new lease!”  

~ Naomi

“Doing business with Smart Auto Leasing was truly a refreshing transaction! They did everything they said they were going to do! I had my doubts due to my previous experiences of disappointment when buying vehicles, but this time everything promised was honored 100%. I’m more than pleased and excited about my new truck! Smart will always have my family’s business and I will certainly be letting others know about my great experience.” 

~ Leonel C.

“This new car was a Birthday/Christmas present! I was shocked and thrilled when my husband delivered it to my work with a big red bow on it! I was not expecting it at all! My husband is impressed with Smart Auto Leasing’s efficiency, honesty and competitive pricing – he says he couldn’t have done it without the folks at Smart Auto Leasing!”  

~ Laura D.

“I have not ever leased a vehicle and didn’t know what to expect. I can definitely say this experience has been great & much easier than purchasing or going through a dealership with the pressure I’ve experienced in the past at a car-lot. I will enjoy working with Smart Auto Leasing in the future!” 

~ Kari H.

“Dealing with Smart Auto Leasing was great. I am thankful for the great deal and service. Loving the new car! I’ll continue to conduct business this way with Smart Auto Leasing going forward!”

~ John Mo.

“The staff at Smart Auto Leasing was pleasant to deal with. My agent was very efficient in his efforts, which is a high priority in my dealings. I greatly appreciate his due-diligence for finding me such a good deal! I will definitely be back to Smart Auto Leasing when the time comes!!!” 

~ Ronald K.

“Our experience with Smart Auto Leasing was absolutely fabulous. They took their time with us in finding the perfect deal and the perfect car for our family. There was zero-hassle - zero-stress, and it was quick! We’re very happy and satisfied clients. Anyone looking for a vehicle and a great buying experience visit Smart Auto Leasing!"

~ The Smith Family

“Great experience! Great Deal! Great Service! Smart Auto Leasing was amazing and the new Raptor is awesome!”  

~ Rob R.

“This was by far my best leasing experience. Smart Auto Leasing answered all my questions and did all the hard work for me. They made the process a real pleasure from start to finish. Thanks again Smart Auto Leasing! I would definitely recommend you to my friends!”

~ Ed B.

“We love our new truck!  Can’t wait to show it off!"

~ The Marin Family

“To the team at Smart Auto Leasing”: 

“Thank you for getting me into the automobile that I have ALWAYS wanted.  Their probing questions ensured that my automobile dream became a reality!

Thank you again Smart Auto Leasing for delivering the car of my dreams directly to me. That was certainly a nice touch!”

“Thank you so much!!”

~ Marvin B.

“Very informative for a first time leaser. I feel like they worked to provide the best deal, based on my family’s needs. They took the time to fully answer ALL questions!  I truly enjoyed the process!”

~ The Richardson Family

“Smart Auto Leasing was a pleasure to do business with. I will highly recommend!”  

~ Jennifer/Jeff B.

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